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The P/F Skipafelagið Føroyar, established in 1919, was the main marine transport organisation within the Faroe Islands. It operated a ship to Copenhagen, using a total of four vessels, each successively named Tjaldur (Oystercatcher).

Tjaldur (I)

The first Tjaldur was built in Copenhagen and operated from 1919 before being wrecked on passage from Tørshavn to Klaksvík in 1946.

E.S. "TJaldur (I)"
P/f Skipafelagið Føroyar, Tórshavn.

Unused early b/w PPC (Christensen)

Sealed letter from Chr. Nielsen, posted in København with a
Thorshavn arrival cancel dated -4.5.25 on the reverse.

There is also a "Tjaldur" cachet in purple on the front and on the reverse of the cover.

30 øre is the appropriate rate for a letter of 50-250g at the time of posting.

Tjaldur (II)

The second Tjaldur was bought in 1947 as the Gullfoss (I) and had been the first ship to fly the new Islandic ensign in 1915. She went to the breakers in 1953.

Postcard (Johs. Fjallheim, Klakksvik, Einarættur Nr 1267):
Mynd úr Klakksvik - Føroyar
(Photo from Klaksvik, Faroes).

Tjaldur is pictured in the centre of the photograph.

Franking/datestamp removed, but dated 1948 in the message.

Postcard (Poulsen):
Landing place on Viðareiði, Faroe Islands.

dated 21.xx.1968 by a 01.Ems.03 machine cancel.

Possibly S/S Tjaldur in the background.

Tjaldur (III)
The third Tjaldur was built at Aalborg by Aalborg Værft A/S and became the only new ferry for overseas service to be owned in the Faroes. She provided a passenger service in the North Atlantic, (Faroe Islands, Shetland, Norway, Denmark) from 1953 until 1967, when she was sold to the Chilean navy.

Postcard (Hammers Luftfart. Eneret - 93374):

dated 30.8.54

Received ESBJERG -4.9.54

There is also a P-F. SKIPAFELAGIÐ FØROYAR single line cachet (in purple) on the reverse.

Postcard (Hansen - 98033):

Unused postcard showing the ship "TJALDUR (III)" moored in the harbour at Tórshavn.

Tjaldur (IV)
The fourth Tjaldur, obtained as a replacement in 1967, was already 26 years old when bought from Bergenske Dampskibs. She was first registered in Panama and kept her Norwegian crew. Then, early in 1968, she was re-registered in Tórshavn and commenced sailing between Copenhagen and Tórshavn. On 18th July 1969, just off the Danish coast, she suffered from an explosion. The damage was extensive and she was eventually sold to a Dutch breaker, arriving on 22 September 1969.

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