Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers
1997-99 (FO302-359)

14.01.1997 Queen Margrethe II's Silver Jubilee as Queen of Denmark (FO302)

17.02.1997 Faroese Mushrooms (FO303-306)

17.02.1997 Invasion Birds II (FO307-308)

20.05.1997 Europa CEPT, William Heinesen (FO309-310)

20.05.1997 600th Anniversary of the Kalmar Union (FO311)

20.05.1997 The Faroese Sea Shelf II (FO312-313)

15.09.1997 Scenes from the Film Barbara (FO314-317)

15.09.1997 Christmas Issue (FO318-319)

23.02.1998 Brynhild's Ballad (FO320-323)

23.02.1998 Sedentary Birds (FO324-325)

18.05.1998 International Year of the Ocean (FO326-329)

18.05.1998 Europa CEPT, Ólavsøka Holiday (FO330-331)

18.05.1998 50th Anniversary of the U.N. Human Rights Declaration (FO332)

14.09.1998 Paintings by Hans Hansen (FO333-336)

14.09.1998 Christmas Issue, Frederik's Church in Nes (FO337-338)

14.09.1998 The Faroese Sea Shelf III (FO 339)

22.02.1999 M/S Smyril (FO340-343)

22.02.1999 Sedentary Birds (FO344-345)

25.05.1999 Europa CEPT, Waterfalls (FO346-347)

25.05.1999 Island Definitives I, the Northern Isles (FO348-353)

27.09.1999 Paintings by Ingálvur av Reyni (FO354-357)

27.09.1999 Christmas Issue (FO358-359)

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