Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers
1993-96 (FO235-301) 

08.02.1993 10th Anniversary of the Nordic House (FO235-237)

05.04.1993 Europa CEPT, Sculptures (FO238-239)

05.04.1993 Nordic Issue (FO240-241)

07.06.1993 The Faroese Horse (FO242-243)

04.10.1993 Faroese Butterflies and Moths (FO244-247)

07.02.1994 Fish (FO248-251)

18.04.1994 Europa CEPT (FO252-253)

06.06.1994 Sheepdogs (FO254-255)

06.06.1994 Nautical School Centenary (FO256-257)

19.09.1994 Brúsajøkil's Ballad. Fairy Tale (FO258-261)

31.10.1994 Christmas Issue (FO262-263)

06.02.1995 Leafhoppers (FO264-267)

10.04.1995 Nordic Issue (FO268-269)

10.04.1995 Europa CEPT (FO270-271)

12.06.1995 Nordic Art (FO272-274)

12.06.1995 Ravens (FO275-276)

15.09.1995 Faroese Folk Life (FO277-279)

15.09.1995 St. Olaf (FO280)

09.11.1995 Christmas Issue (FO281-282)

02.01.1996 The Giant and his Wife (FO283)

12.02.1996 Seaweeds (FO284-287)

15.04.1996 Europa CEPT, Famous Women (FO288-289)

15.04.1996 Invasion Birds I (FO290-291)

07.06.1996 Nordatlantex '96, Children's Drawings (FO292-294)

07.06.1996 The Faroese Sea Shelf I (FO295-296)

16.09.1996 Works by Sculptor and Graphic Artist Janus Kamban (FO297-299)

04.11.1996 Christmas Issue (FO300-301)

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