Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers
1989-92 (FO173-234) 

06.02.1989 Tˇrshavn Church Bicentenary (FO173-175)

10.04.1989 Europa CEPT (FO176-177)

10.04.1989 Faroese National Costumes (FO178-179)

05.06.1989 International Island Games (FO180-183)

02.10.1989 Bird Cliffs on Su­uroy (FO184-187)

05.02.1990 Faroese Fishing Industry (FO188-191)

09.04.1990 Europa CEPT (FO192-193)

09.04.1990 50th Anniversary of the Faroese Flag (FO194-196)

06.06.1990 North Atlantic Whales (FO197-200)

08.10.1990 Paintings from Nˇlsoy (FO201-204)

04.02.1991 Flora and Fauna (FO205-208)

08.04.1991 Europa CEPT (FO209-210)

08.04.1991 Tˇrshavn 125 Year Anniversary (FO211-212)

03.06.1991 Nordic Issue (FO213-214)

03.06.1991 Birds (FO215-216)

07.10.1991 Paintings by Sßmal Joensen-Mikines (FO217-220)

10.02.1992 Faroese Mailboats (FO221-224)

06.04.1992 Europa CEPT (FO225-226)

09.06.1992 Seals (FO227-228)

09.06.1992 Geology (FO229-230)

05.10.1992 Old Houses at Nor­rag°ta (FO231-234)

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