Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers

1980-84 (FO42-105)

17.03.1980 Faroese Flowers (FO42-46)

06.10.1980 Europa CEPT (FO47-48)

06.10.1980 Pews from Kirkjubøur (FO49-52)

02.03.1981 Old Tórshavn (FO53-56)

01.06.1981 Europa CEPT (FO57-58)

19.10.1981 Definitive Issue, Historic Writings (FO59-63)

15.03.1982 Europa CEPT, Historic Events (Viking history) (FO64-65)

07.06.1982 Views of Faroese Villages (FO66-68)

27.09.1982 The ballad of Harra Pætur og Elinborg (FO69-72)

21.02.1983 Early Steamships (FO73-75)

02.05.1983 Chessmen from Nólsoy (FO76-77)

06.06.1983 Europa CEPT (FO78-79)

19.09.1983 Fish (FO80-83)

4.11.1983 Nordic House in Tórshavn (FO84-86)

30.01.1984 Pews from Kirkjubøur II (FO87-90)

02.04.1984 Europa CEPT (FO91-92)

28.05.1984 Faroese Writers I (FO93-96)

10.09.1984 Smacks (FO97-99)

29.10.1984 Fairy Tales (FO100-105)

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