Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers
1975-79 (FO1-41)

30.01.1975 Definitive Issue (FO1-14)

01.04.1976 Independent Postal Administration (FO15-17)

28.04.1977 Fishing Vessels (FO18-21)

29.09.1977 Faroese Birds I (FO22-24)

26.01.1978 Island of Mykines (FO25-29)

13.04.1978 Faroese Birds II (FO30-32)

07.12.1978 50th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts (FO33)

07.12.1978 150th Anniversary of the Tórshavn Public Library (FO34-35)

19.03.1979 High Value (FO36)

07.05.1979 Europa CEPT (FO37-38)

01.10.1979 International Year of the Child (FO39-41)

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