Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers
2007-09 (FO578-671)

12.02.2007 The Legend of the Seal Woman (FO578-587)

12.02.2007 The Voyage of the French Corvette La Recherche (FO588-589)

12.02.2007 Europa CEPT, Environmentally Friendly Energy (FO590)

10.04.2007 The Old Man and his Sons (FO591-598)

10.04.2007 Europa CEPT, Centenary of Scouting (FO599-600)

11.06.2007 Faroese Bible Translators (FO601-603)

11.06.2007 Faroese Poultry (FO604-604-606)

01.10.2007 Life in a Stone Wall (FO607-614)

01.10.2007 SEPAC (Small European Postal Administrations Cooperation) 2007 (FO615)

01.10.2007 Christmas Issue, Kirkjubøur Church Sculptures (FO616-617)

11.02.2008 Magic Worlds, from the Childrens' Book "At Dusk" by Elinborg Lützen (FO618-623)

11.02.2008 Tuberculosis Sanatorium Centenary (FO624-625)

11.02.2008 Centenary of Klaksvik Municipality (FO626)

11.02.2008 Tinganes (FO627)

27.03.2008 Mythical Places (FO628-629)

19.05.2008 Europa CEPT, Letters (FO630-631)

19.05.2008 Cultural Personalities I (FO632-637)

19.05.2008 Marsh Marigold (FO638)

22.09.2008 Ferns (FO639-648)

22.09.2008 Christmas Issue, Ancient Crosses (FO649-650)

23.02.2009 The Lost Musicians by William Heinesen (FO651-658)

23.02.2009 Global Warming (FO659-660)

25.05.2009 Geology: The Origins of the Faroe Islands (FO661-666)

25.05.2009 Europa CEPT, Astronomy (FO667-668)

25.05.2009 Centenary of Gymnastics (FO669-671)

The Faroe Islands government officially took over the postal affairs of the islands on 1st April 1976 and named the new Faroese postal service "Postverk Føroya” with a white Ram’s horn on a blue background as the logo.

The Faroe Islands postal service was restructured as a limited liability company on 1st January 2005. The name was changed to the "P/F Postverk Føroya” (i.e. Faroe Islands Postal Service Limited). The Faroe Islands Government is the sole shareholder of the company.

The name was changed again in September 2009, this time to "Posta Faroe Islands" or just “Posta”. At the same time a new logo was introduced. The new Posta logo is composed by two staggered arrows that are pointing in opposite directions, a symbol of "Receive" and "Send". The first arrow is sea blue color while the second arrow is green, a symbol of the ocean and the islands.

My FDC collection ends with the last cover (above) issued with the Postverk Føroya name and logo.

First FDC issued with the new Posta logo

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