Faroe Islands Philately

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First Day Covers
2004-06 (FO465-577)

26.01.2004 Views from Suðuroy (FO465-474)

26.01.2004 Island Definitives III: Stóra and Litla Dínum Islands (FO475-476)

26.03.2004 Nordic Myths and Legends (FO477-478)

26.03.2004 Voyage of the Schooner Maria, 1854 (FO479-486)

14.05.2004 Royal Wedding, Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson (FO487-488)

24.05.2004 Europa CEPT, Tourism in the Faroes (FO489-490)

24.05.2004 Centenary of FIFA (FO491-492)

20.09.2004 Poems by Janus Djurhuus (FO493-502)

20.09.2004 Christmas Issue, Churches of Vágur and Tvøroyri (FO503-504)

07.02.2005 Views from Vágur (FO505-514)

07.02.2005 Everyday Life in the Viking Age (FO515-517)

18.04.2005 The Faroese Hare (FO518-519)

18.04.2005 Europa CEPT, Faroese Gastronomy (FO520-521)

06.06.2005 WWF, Petrels (FO522-525)

19.09.2005 Art by Jógvan Waagstein (FO526-534)

19.09.2005 60th Anniversary of the Friendly Occupation (FO535-536)

07.11.2005 Christmas Issue, Rudis' and Christmas Ballads (FO537-538)

13.02.2006 Deepwater Fishes (FO539-548)

13.02.2006 Towns on Esturoy (FO549-551)

29.03.2006 Nordic Myths and Legends: Norns and the Sea Ghost (FO552-553)

29.03.2006 Faroese Ballad: Ormurin Langri, The Long Serpent (FO554-563)

12.06.2006 Europa CEPT, Young People and Integration (FO564-565)

12.06.2006 The Norðoya Tunnel (FO566-567)

18.09.2006 Views from Sandoy (FO568-575)

18.09.2006 Christmas Issue, Sandur Church (FO576-577)

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