Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers
2002-03 (FO406-464)

11.02.2002 Viking Voyages on the Atlantic (FO406-408)

11.02.2002 Molluscs (FO409-412)

08.04.2002 Contemporary Nordic Art (FO413-414)

08.04.2002 Europa CEPT, Circus (FO415-416)

17.06.2002 150th Anniversary of the Faroese Parliament (FO417-418)

16.06.2002 Bird's Eggs (FO419-422)

23.09.2002 100th Anniversary of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea - ICES (FO423-424)

23.09.2002 Christmas Issue, Gøta Church (FO425-426)

23.09.2002 Merlin (FO427)

24.02.2003 The Prophecy of the Seeress (FO428-437)

24.02.2003 The Vágar Undersea Tunnel (FO438-439)

14.04.2003 Europa CEPT, Poster Art (FO440-441)

14.04.2003 Children's Songs (FO442-451)

10.06.2003 Bøur Gásadalur (FO452-453)

10.06.2003 Centenary of Eight Post Offices (FO454-461)

22.09.2003 Czeslaw Slania's 100th Faroe Islands Stamp (FO462)

22.09.2003 Christmas Issue, Brochmand and Kingo (FO463-464)

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