Faroe Islands Philately

Independent Postal Administration
First Day Covers
2000-01 (FO360-405)

21.02.2000 A Thousand Years of Christianity (FO360-363)

21.02.2000 Faroese Folk high School Centennial (FO364-365)

09.05.2000 Europa CEPT, Stamp Design Competition (FO366)

22.05.2000 Stampin' the Future (FO367-370)

22.05.2000 The Faroese Sea Shelf IV (FO371-372)

18.09.2000 Island Definitives II (FO373-376)

18.09.2000 Christmas Issue, The Birth of Christ (FO377-378)

12.02.2001 Pews from Kirkjubøur III (FO379-382)

12.02.2001 75th Anniversary of the Faroese Red Cross (FO383-384)

01.04.2001 25th Anniversary of the Faroese Postal Service (FO385-387)

01.04.2001 Nordic Myths and Legends (FO388-393)

11.06.2001 Europa CEPT, Hydroelectric Power (FO394-395)

11.06.2001 Art by Zacharias Heinesen (FO396-399)

17.09.2001 Protected Whales (FO400-403)

17.09.2001 Christmas Issue, After the Birth of Christ (FO404-405)

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